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Inspiration, Discipline, Achievement: Inspiring Growth One Life At A Time

Hi there! I’m Rasean Hyligar, a UIC ’21 Biomedical Engineering graduate but you can call me the Facts Pharmacist – a moniker I proudly chose for myself.

As the host of “Motivate Grind Succeed: The Podcast,” I dedicate my time to self-improvement, both as a Certified High Performance Mindset Coach/Strategist and podcast host.

My core mission? To foster personal growth and enable others to realize their utmost potential. I aim to deliver key insights, actionable strategies, and honest advice aimed at helping people navigate life’s hurdles and achieve their aspirations. (Oh, can’t forget science based! But nothing impossible to understand…pinky promise!)


Oh, can’t forget about the Facts Pharmacist title…Well, I value straight talk and honesty, delivering advice that’s as real as it gets. No sugarcoating here – just pure, unadulterated facts. This approach ensures my insights are not just practical but also deeply rooted in truth.

A perpetual learner at heart, I’m always on a quest for new knowledge to enrich not only my life but also those of others. When I’m not podcasting or coaching, you’ll find me lost in personal improvement books, sweating it out in a workout, mingling with fellow thinkers, or unwinding with a bit of gaming.

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