Arduino Powered Jukebox

Working individually on a class project, I decided to undertake creating a jukebox coded with Arduino. Using a flex sensor, the user was able to select up to 2 songs that were pre-programmed in the arduino, that was played through the small attached speaker.

This was my first project in college, hence its more basic nature. This project gave me an introduction to the engineering work environment and exposure to tools and software used in the engineering field, which in this case is Arduino.

When it comes to soft skills, I learned about persistence because this project, despite how simple it may seem at the time, was GRUELING. It did not help that this was also the first time in my life I had even touched or seen an Arduino. However, determined to portray something of substance, I pushed through and came out with this jukebox. The video is below if you would like to see it in action.

Jukebox Part 2
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