InMoov Android Robot

Working in a group of 6, and using the instructions from, our goal was two-fold. The first goal was to build the robot and program it via Arduino to perform various intricate human-like actions.

The second goal was to rewrite the instructions that were given as they were not written in the easiest manner to follow. For example, some parts were not mentioned as needed until much later in the process, putting various halts in the process of assembly.

For this project, a working knowledge of Arduino, SOLIDWORKS, and use of a 3D printer was necessary.

Teamwork was essential in working on this project. Delegating tasks and responsibilities were mandatory in helping the project move along. Unfortunately, this project was disbanded as a whole because of overall student involvement dropping due to the increased need for focusing on schoolwork.

3D Printed InMoov Android Robot Parts

InMoov Website:

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